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the 10 things you need for your sheshed

Move over man caves, here comes the "she shed." Women deserve a space of their own too, right?

Your husband shouldn't be the only one in the family with an "escape room." After all, you have earned that right just as much as he has.

You come home from work, take care of the kids, cook dinner, fold an infinite amount of laundry, and then collapse on the couch.

Now, however, with your she shed, you can collapse in an oasis in your backyard designed by yours truly, for yours truly.

Now once the chores are done and the kids are taken care of, you can sip a glass of wine or read a great book in the privacy of your she shed, with no interruptions.

If the kids need anything, they can find Dad in his man cave.

So wait no more, let's start designing that she shed!

Below is a list of 10 items you absolutely have to have for your brand new she shed.

Table Of Contents

  • Letterboard Decor

  • Wall Stamps

  • Wall Organization

  • Mirrors

  • String Lights

  • Get An Ottoman

  • Bulletin Board

  • Go Green

  • Coffee Bar

  • Bench

  • Floor Pillows

  • Get Started



1. Letterboard Decor

Get your affirmations out of your journal and into the world with a letter board.

Letter boards will look good in any room of your house, but it's even more special when it's displayed in your private sanctuary.

If you're not into affirmations, you can hang funny sayings, inspirational quotes, or write down your goals in a place you can see them every day.

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2. Wall Stamps

Instead of stamping designs into a homemade card, stamp the walls in your shed.

Flexible, translucent wall stamps come in various designs. Just load the stamp with paint, level it with the built-in level, press it to the wall and repeat.

This will turn those boring white walls into an absolute masterpiece.

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3. Wall Organization

Speaking of walls, you're going to need to use every inch of your she shed wisely.

That's why you need wall organization.

Instead of littering your she shed with cabinets and boxes, you can keep tabs on all of your essentials with a well-designed wall caddy.

Find one with plenty of baskets and hooks for hanging, and that has a design to match your overall theme.

Store your crafts, magazines and everything in between neatly on your walls.

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4. Mirrors

Just because your shed might be short on windows doesn't mean it has to be dark.

You can brighten your shed with light-reflecting mirrors in modern, geometric shapes.

Or if you have a more rustic look in your shed, you can find mirrors to reflect that as well.

Hang them over a table or desk, or with your favorite artwork.

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5. String Lights

Time to set the mood with your brand new string lights.

Make sure you take your time choosing your lights to create the perfect dreamy aesthetic in your shed.

You'll also need effective overhead lighting for your shed, but your string lights will add the perfect whimsical touch.

Hang them across the ceiling, drape them on furniture, or showcase them on the outside of your shed to create a positive vibe for passers-by.

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6. Get An Ottoman

Comfort is essential in your she shed.

Get an ottoman so you can prop up your exhausted feet in style at the end of your very long day.

Don't get any old ottoman though, the ottoman in your she shed needs style and pizzaz.

A colorful ottoman made by Indian artisans may be just what you need.

While your feet aren't resting on it, it can hold books or magazines, or serve as a chair when you have guests.

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7. Bulletin Board

Use the bulletin board in your she shed to highlight all of your obsessions so you can see them daily.

Proudly showcase photographs, magazine clippings, or swatches of fabric in your home away from home.

You can get creative and go beyond the standard corkboard you will find in your local office supply store.

A burlap bulletin board will serve its purpose while adding a touch of style to your shed.

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8. Go Green

What better place to display your love for plants than in your she shed?

Plants can perk up any space.

Hang your favorite flowers or grow an herb garden in a vertical planter you can hang on your wall.

You can even get plants that will clean the air in your she shed, making it even more comfortable than before.

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 9. Coffee Bar

Create your own Starbucks in your she shed with all the coffee bar essentials.

No matter what your she shed is built for, being able to craft a good drink for your guests is a must.

Enjoying downtime on your own is even more enjoyable if you can enjoy a homemade espresso of your choice.

Your she shed is going to need a makeshift cafe, so you and your friends are never short on refreshments.

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10. Bench

Get a bench you can sit outside of your shed so you can enjoy the weather while enjoying your she shed.

Pair it with a color doormat and some stylish outdoor pillows, and you're all set.

If you plan on having a lot of guests with you in your shed, the bench can also serve as extra seating on the inside.

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Bonus: Floor Pillows

Proper seating is a must in your she shed.

Take it a step further by using some extra plush floor pillows to create the ultimate relaxation station.

Toss them on a sofa or stack them on the floor and use the pillows to make every corner of your shed more inviting.

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Get Started

What are you waiting for?!

You deserve this #SheShed. You've earned it.

Your husband is spoiled by his man cave, so it's time to spoil yourself.

Once your she shed is complete, you will be mad it took you so long to get one in the first place.

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