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6 Best design tips for your master bedroom

So, you want to spruce up your master bedroom? Whether you have a few simple updates in mind, or a complete redesign on the books, use these 6 tips to optimize your bedroom space and boost your rest.

Who knows, with a cozy, comfortable update, you might start spending your waking hours in your updated Master.

6. Lift Up Those Eyes!


I have two words for you: tray ceilings. While this design feature can set off any space, we think it’s a stunner in the bedroom. A tray ceiling instantly turns a standard bedroom into a luxury space.

The interesting dimension and elegance of lifted ceilings is complete with a paint shade that’s slightly deeper or lighter than the rest of your walls and ceiling.


5. Don’t Hoard That Natural Light

Mirrors are an excellent way to share the natural light in your bedroom with every nook and cranny. Place mirrors strategically to help your Master feel brighter and more spacious than before.

You can also place your mirror behind a light source like a pendant light, nightstand lamp, or even a candle. The mirror will maximize the reach of your light and, with soft-toned bulbs, you can create an effect that’s almost magical.

Practically speaking, well-placed mirrors in the bedroom can also give you a final check in for your outfit and makeup before you go out and face the world.

4. Think Outside the Box{springs}

Don’t limit your master bedroom to catching z’s. If the bedroom is supposed to be a relaxing, peaceful place in your home, why not use it for winding down too?

Master Bedroom

Consider incorporating a small lounge, or even a single chair, into your master bedroom. A comfortable chair or two will call to you after a long day. Use a small end table or coffee table to create the ultimate reading (or scrolling) nook.

Thinking coffee table? Check out our recent blog post on 10 Ways to Style your Coffee Table (Like a Pro).

Even in a smaller bedroom, a small lounge area can make your space feel special and could make that transition to sleep a little easier – I’m talking to you, night-owls!


3. Paint Your World Red

Or white, or purple, or gray, really any color can work. Remember to pick a lovely shade that creates the soothing ambiance of a beautiful bedroom.

For a grounded master, try using green. Green is a restful, organic color that works well with other earthy tones and textures.

Of course, you can always take it a step further and incorporate custom trim or design work on the walls to make your bedroom truly unique. There are hundreds of popular ideas out there.

Bedroom Design

Here are a few you might not have thought about for the bedroom – but we’ve seen work well:

  • Lattice Work

  • Baseboards

  • Wall Trim

  • Chair Rail

  • Crown Molding

  • Picture Frame Wall Molding

  • Picture Rail

2. Let Your Drapes Hang Down

When it comes to styling the bedroom, let loose! Using floor-length drapes adds a casual, cozy feel to the space. Remember to use decor in the same color family, but switch it up! Try hanging drapes that echo the color theme you use in the room, rather than matching perfectly.

Letting your drapes recall colors you’ve used elsewhere in the bedroom creates harmony without overwhelming the space.

If your bedroom is small, consider using just one curtain. I know. It seems odd (literally 😂). But you might be surprised how a single floor-length curtain feels lighter and more elegant in a small space than it’s two-panel counterpart.


1. Want Glam? Try Spic & Span

I know what you’re thinking. Really the #1 design tip for updating my master is cleaning!? Yep. Grandma was right about the importance of dusting and making the bed, as reluctant as I am to admit it.

Want to give your master bedroom an instant boost? Start by wiping down your dresser, end table, and any other surfaces. Then cover the basics. If you’re like me, that means folding last week’s laundry that’s still laying around, making the bed, sweeping the floor, and straightening the wall hangings.

You might be surprised what a difference this makes. Sometimes we don’t need to add more to our space to improve it – we just need to take care of the things we have.

Of course, if you’re still sporting shag carpet, wallpaper borders, or matching window valances, trust me – it’s time for some changes.  

Is It Time For Your Bedroom Updates?

Get started on these updates and you can forget about sleeping in - before you know it you'll be spending your free time enjoying your fancy new sleeping space!

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