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11 Ideas To Decorate Your Holiday Table Like A Pro

11 Ideas To Decorate Your Holiday Table
Like A Pro

Page Title: 11 Ideas To Decorate Your Holiday Table Like A Pro

Meta Description: In the madness that is decorating your house for Christmas, one thing is often overlooked. We decorate the tree, hang the lights and mistletoe, and put the stockings over the fireplace. But we often forget about the kitchen table. Read on to see 11 ways to decorate your table like a boss.

Posted on: December 2, 2019

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It's that time of year again- Time to climb up into your attic and pull down the dusty bins full of Christmas cheer.

Get out all of the garland, the bright red stockings, the wreaths, your Wife's favorite mistletoe, and your kid's favorite, the Christmas train set.

They are all about to be pulled from their boxes put back in place.

Your house is about to go from boring to beautiful as it turns into a Christmas wonderland.

You'll make your way up onto the roof to hang the Christmas lights, but not before you blow up your inflatable Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman for your front yard.

Pretty soon everything will be perfect, even better than it was last year.

The kids will love it, and the neighbors will be green with envy.

However, there's one thing that usually gets forgotten.

And it's one thing that can turn your work of Christmas art from acceptable to outstanding.

Your table setting.

Here are 11 ways you can decorate your table, like a pro.

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1. Chalkboard Tablecloth

This is a fun way to personalize your table setting.

Start by laying down a thick piece of black paper for your tablecloth.

Then bust out the paint pens.

You can keep it festive with greens and reds, but any color you like will do just fine.

Write everyone's name above their table setting to make it personal.

Let the kids have the paint pens so they can have fun decorating their spot.

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2. Cold As Ice

Instead of sticking with the traditional red and green color theme for Christmas, go with an icy blue and white.

A blue tablecloth with white plates, clear as ice cups and glasses, and white tinsel going down the middle of the table.

I'm getting cold just thinking about this one.

Let your guests know which spot on the table is there's by decorating blue and white ornaments and attaching their names to them with a tag.

This makes for a fantastic table setting and a great souvenir.

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3. Christmas In The Country

If you like the rustic look, this one's for you.

Start with a green gingham style tablecloth.

Then add some green bottle brush trees and a rustic red truck.

Then add some candles and a few small dark red and forest green Christmas ball ornaments, and you can almost feel the crisp country air.

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4. The Wreath Chandelier

Think you have too many wreaths? I say that's impossible.

Take that extra wreath and make a seasonal chandelier to hang over your dining table.

If you're a renter, this one might not be for you, because you have to install a hook above your table.

Once the hook is installed, suspend your wreath from the hook using ribbon to match the rest of your table setting.

If you already have a permanent light fixture above your table, don't worry.

Drape some pine around its frame and secure it with ribbon.

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5. Take It Outside

To our friends up north, this one's not for you.

But to everyone down south, you can give this one a try.

Enjoy your holiday feast outside.

Hot chocolate at every place setting along with throws on every chair will keep everyone warm.

Decorate with some green bottle brush trees and decorative birdhouses, and you're all set.

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6. Outdoor Centerpiece

If it's too cold to sit outside, bring the outdoors inside instead.

With this woodsy centerpiece, you'll feel like you're in the great outdoors.

Find your biggest glass container and fill it with faux berries, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, and dried citrus.

It won't only look good, but it will smell delightful.

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7. The Minimalist Table

Maybe you aren't the type to go all out with Christmas decorations every year.

You're the type that likes to do less with more.

In that case, this setting is for you.

All you need is some fresh evergreen, and add in a few candles for this classic look. 

Simple and elegant.

Disclaimer: No reindeer were hurt in the making of this centerpiece.

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8. Decorate The Chairs

Not only will you be keeping up with the Jones', but you'll one-up them when you decorate your chairs.

I bet none of your neighbors took the time to decorate their chairs.

Attach a mini wreath to the back of each chair with ribbon to make your guests feel like they're sitting on a throne.

Not only will you best your neighbor's decorations, but you'll make your guests feel like royalty.

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9. Mason Jars

Line up some mason jars in the middle of your table to give it a unique look.

Fill the bottoms of them with Epsom salt.

Then alternate jars with a candle and cranberries and juniper.

This will give your table a one of a kind look with an extra glow from the candlelight.

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10. Table Gifts

This is for those of us out there who still love exchanging presents at Christmas.

The presents shouldn't all be tucked away under the tree.

Some of them should be displayed with pride as a centerpiece on your table.

Use your favorite wrapping paper to wrap several small boxes to display in the middle of your table.

Then fill a few small, clear Christmas ornaments with confetti that matches the color of your presents, and you're all set.

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11. The Handmade Wooden Box

If you're a woodworker or know someone who's handy with power tools, this is an excellent choice.

A handmade wooden box serves as an excellent centerpiece and focal point for your dining room.

Over the holidays you can fill it with some candles and greenery.

But don't put it away after the season, you can use your wooden box year-round.

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Now You're A Pro

There you have it, 11 ways to decorate your dining table like a pro.

Put up the tree, hang the lights and mistletoe, and set up the train set, but don't forget your table.

Decorating your table will add so much style and class to your house that it's almost a crime not to decorate it.

If you'd like to learn more about decorating around the holidays, check out these articles.
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