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Dining room redo: 5 signs its time to update

Does your dining room sit empty, host to dust bunny dinners? Do you find yourself and your family crammed in the kitchen for meals-on-the-go, wishing for a better way? If there’s a dining room in your home that rarely sees the light of day, it’s time to take a second look. Here are a few ways to update your dining room into a fresh, functional, and well-used space.

Table Of Contents

  • Too Formal?

  • Too Dark?

  • Too Small?

  • Too Large?

  • Too Kid Crazy?

Too Formal?
Formal Dining Room

Does your dining room seem reserved for Thanksgiving Dinner with Great Aunt Maude? It’s time to bring in new life, to ready the room for daily use. The most dramatic way to modernize your dining room is to update the walls. If your current colors are dark and depressing, brighten up! Pale shades open a room, while bright colors make a space feel modern and fun. Want to go the paper route? Today’s market is awash in stunning and contemporary wallpaper options. Choose a small repeat motif for a quiet touch, or a large pattern for showstopping walls.

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Too Dark?

Is it not just the walls that are dark, but the furniture, drapes, artwork and all? Time to lighten up all over. Remove heavy drapes, and replace with unlined linen panels to let in the natural light. Select contemporary art to bask in the glow. If your furniture is seriously scratched or sub-par, consider a lacquer in a light shade. Heirloom quality furniture in great condition? Stay away from the paint bucket! Brightening the surrounding space will make stunning furniture shine.  

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Too Small?
Dining Room Renovation

Does your space feel crowded and crammed? Move non-essential furniture to another room. Sideboards thrive in the living room, and still work to keep your best china close at hand. Move extra chairs to the kitchen, and pull them in when entertaining a crowd. Do you have a heavy hutch in the corner? If possible, remove the top section, and stash in storage. Hang a mirror over the new surface to reflect natural light and expand your space.

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Too Large?

Does your dining room fall at the other end of the spectrum, feeling vast and cavernous? Define specific areas to break up a broad space. Add an area rug under the dining set to ground the room. Keep in mind that your rug should reach 18 to 24 inches past the table on all sides, to allow for chairs to be pulled out and still stay on surface. Choose warm, dim lighting to make a spacious room feel more intimate.

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Too Kid Crazy?

Has your dining room become primarily a kid zone, with scratched surfaces and booster seats stacks? If the state of the room is keeping you from entertaining dinner guests over the age of 8, consider a few quick updates. Refinish the table top, and keep the surface safe with placemats. No time to redo? A new tablecloth works wonders to hide not-so-stellar surfaces. Use your sideboard or buffet to stash kid-related items when entertaining, keeping them on hand for next morning’s meal. Best bet yet: invest in a bar cart and stock with all the fixings. Roll in for adult gatherings, and roll out for family time.

With these simple tips, your dining room should shine once again. Refresh your space and renew your dining experience. From your first coat of paint to your last bite of dessert, here’s to a fresh take and great space

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