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Home for the Holidays: Decorations that delight

As the holidays draw near, it’s time to bring a bit of cheer into your home. Whether you have ten tupperwares of holiday decor in the attic, or not an ornament to your name, we have tips for turning your living room into a cozy space for the season. Brighten up, and bring home the holidays!

Table Of Contents

  • Glow

  • Grow

  • Drape

  • Display

  • Set To Dine


Fireplace Decorations

Source: Apartment Therapy


The quickest way towards a cozy space is to get glowing. Turn down the overheads, and bring out your warmest lights. Group candlesticks and tapers on the mantle, side tables, and windowsills. Wrap garlands in strands of white christmas lights and drape over doorways. Have a fireplace? Now is the time to keep your log stack well stocked. Not a fan of fire? Opt for warm lamplight to create cozy corners.

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Indoor Plants

Source: Apartment Therapy

Though the weather outside is frightful, keep your living room delightful with the best plants of the season. Plant red amaryllis and white narcissus in pretty pots, and cluster in a windowsill. The pop of color will be sure to brighten your mood on the short, gray days ahead. Hunt down miniature evergreens, like rosemary and norfolk pines, and place in small planters near the couch. Opting out of a large tree? These mini versions make perfect stand-ins when placed on a side table. Go light on the decorations for a modern, minimal take.

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Holiday Decorations 
Source: Salad Days

‘Tis the season for garlands! These festive decorations can take many forms. Go classic with boughs of evergreen gracing the mantle. Brighten up by weaving in a few strands of Christmas lights. Feeling crafty? String pinecones, magnolia leaves, or metallic ornaments into long lengths. For a simple pop of red, drape strands of red ribbon across windowsills. Once your space is graced with garlands, find the top spot for mistletoe. All tied up? Now bring your wreaths inside! No longer destined for the front door, wreaths make lovely focal points over a fireplace or atop a table.

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Holiday Crafting 
Source: Minted

Now is the time for holiday cards from loved ones, near and far. Display these on a wall or door, arranged in the shape of a star or holiday tree. Smiling faces of your nearest and dearest will help to keep the holiday spirit close at hand. Have you inherited any holiday heirlooms? Make a special display space for your grandmother’s menorah or your great-aunt’s creche. Circle with candles or evergreen boughs. Any little ones on hand? Have a snowflake making party, and tape the cut paper shapes in the windows. This makes for a cheerful touch, inside and out.


Warm glow? Check. Green garlands? Double check. Gather your loved ones in your festive space, and celebrate the season in good cheer.


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