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How To Make Your Dorm Room Stylish and Efficient

How To Make Your Dorm Room Stylish and Efficient

Posted on: September 25, 2019

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By now, most college students are in full swing. Classes started about a month or so ago, and you're probably finally getting settled in.

You've met up with the friends you didn't see all summer, found all of your new classes, and have all of your textbooks.

You've also probably started to decorate your dorm room to get it just the way you want it.

Decorating a small space like a dorm room comes with its own challenges.

You have to use the same space to sleep, study, entertain, and unwind.

Add a roommate into the equation, and the challenges only amplify.

In the not so distant past, decorating your dorm room meant you hung up a few posters and some 4x6 prints of your family and friends.

You also hung a shelf to store your books and your week's supply of ramen.

Today's college students are a little more tech-savvy and design-savvy, and they want their dorm rooms to reflect that.

Only hanging a poster of their favorite isn't enough.

In the article below, we will discuss several ways you can decorate your dorm room to let your creativity shine.

Table of Contents

  • Don't Forget Why You're There

  • Infuse Your Personality

  • Turn Your Bed Into An Oasis

  • Loft Your Bed

  • Lift If You Can't Loft

  • Contain The Clutter

  • Small Space With Huge Potential


Remember Why you Have a College Dorm Room

Your college years can end up being some of the best of your life, and those memories will have little to do with academics.

However, it's important to remember why you're in college in the first place.

Your dorm room needs to be organized and comfortable so you can study and work, but it doesn't need to be boring and stuffy.

Make your all-night study sessions bearable by adding funky desk accessories, stylish storage units, or a fun bean bag chair.

As you go through this list thinking of ways to decorate your room, the most important factors to consider are function and personality.

Your space is limited, so you need to make smart design choices, but they don't have to be bland and boring. 

You'll be spending a lot of time in your dorm, so you need to have fun with it. Your personality should shine through in your decorations.

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Infuse Your Personality into your Dorm Space

When the college cleaned your dorm room over the summer, all the furniture went back into a standard layout, nice and neat and boring.

Rearrange it as soon as you get there to make it your own.

Put your bed by the window, put the two desks together, and put the dressers out of the way.

It's best to discuss this with your roommate before doing this. You don't want a fund room but an annoyed roommate.

Cover an accent wall in removable wallpaper, and use the same wallpaper to cover your dresser drawers.

Mirrors are a great way to make your room feel bigger and make it brighter, so go crazy adding mirrors, maybe dedicating an entire wall to framed mirrors.

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Turn Your Bed Into an Oasis

Your bed is going to be the most important part of your dorm room.

It's your place to rest, relax, and recharge.

Knowing how to turn your bed into a retreat that you want to relax in is critical.

You probably have an extra-long twin mattress, so buy comfy sheets for it, but don't invest too much in them because you probably won't use them after college.

You might want to splurge on a really nice comforter, especially if you live in a colder area.

Buy an oversized, high-quality comforter that will last for years and can be used even after you graduate.

If your bed doubles as a seating area, invest in a stylish throw to protect your bedding.

Add a fee throw pillows to liven up the space and your bed will be the sanctuary you need.

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Loft Your Dorm Bed

Many dorms rooms will have the capacity for loft beds.

Take advantage of your high ceilings by raising your bed loft-style.

This will open up the room and give you a lot of space underneath your bed.

What you do with the news space is completely up to you.

Maybe you can turn it into a place to lounge and relax. Maybe you slide your desk underneath opening up the rest of the room.

Don't forget to add a shelf at the same level as your bed. You don't want to have to worry about getting out of bed to answer your phone or grab a drink of water.

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Lift If You Can't Loft

If your dorm room isn't big enough, or if you just aren't able to make a loft bed, get some bed risers to lift it.

It might not seem like a lot, but the few extra inches of storage space can make a huge difference when you have to fit everything into one room.

If you're a fan of DIY projects, you can repurpose some old dresser drawers by putting wheels on the bottom of them and sliding them under your bed for hidden storage.

Pick up an inexpensive bed skirt to keep your items out of sight and your bed looking tidy, and you're all set.

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Contain The Clutter

Nothing makes a room look smaller and feel cramped more than clutter.

Keeping your dorm room clean and picked up will make your mom proud, and it will make your room feel bigger.

Make sure all of your belongings have a home by utilizing baskets, trays, bins, and boxes.

Storage can be functional without detracting from the design of your room.

To keep your accessories organized, take advantage of unused spaces by hanging shoe organizers in your closets and hooks over the closet doors.

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Your Dorm Room: A Small Space With Huge Potential

Your dorm room should be a welcoming paradise during your time spent at college, not a cold dungeon.

You want to feel at home and relaxed when you're in your dorm so you can focus on your studies and relax with your friends.

Using the tips we talked about above will get you started in the right direction.

Use your imagination, be creative, and make functionality a priority, and you'll have a dorm room fit for royalty.

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