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Outfitting your outdoors

As the weather warms and the great outdoors beckon, we find any excuse to spend more time outside.

Friday drinks on the deck? Yes, please! Sunday brunch on the patio? Count me in…

Outdoor Furniture

Whether you’re surrounded by friends or knee-deep in a good book, your outdoor living spaces can be just as cozy as your family room.

These days, fantastic outdoor furniture abounds — designed to play well and look great.

These latest designs leave room for both form and function, and will have you sinking into comfort and springing out with style.

With such variety, the sea of options can be a bit overwhelming, which is why we’re here to guide your search.

As you dream up your ideal outdoor space, we have a few pointers for you to keep in mind on your hunt for fresh outdoor furniture.

Table Of Contents

  • Think Function

  • Think Space

  • Think Material

  • Think Color

  • Furniture Of Dalton

Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Think Function

First things first, what do you want your outdoor space to be?

Do you dream of a private retreat? Cue a cushioned lounge chair, and pull up an end table for a cold drink.

Plan to be the host with the most? Opt for modular seats that can be rearranged to fit any occasion.

Do you have a crew of rambunctious kids around the house? There’s a couch that can handle their rough and tumble.

Whatever your vision - take notes on how you want your space to function, first.

If alfresco dining is your main aim, focus on finding a dining set you love. If you’d rather eat inside and lounge out, seek wide, welcoming chairs.

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Outdoor Furniture Space

Think Space

Next, consider the space at hand. The size of your pieces should reflect the size of your space.

The same chair at home on a grand deck would overwhelm a modest porch.

Do you have a sprawling patio, or a tiny balcony? We have tips for both.

Large outdoor spaces can feel more intimate with clusters of furniture. We love a dedicated dining area and a separate, cozy conversation set for sinking in.

For smaller spaces, we recommend hardworking pieces made to multitask. A great bench can seat two to four, and serve as a table or shelf between visitors.

Once you have an idea of how you’d like to outfit your space, make sure to measure it before shopping begins!

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Ready to freshen up your backyard oasis? Use our Outfitting Your Outdoors Checklist to get started. 

Outdoor Seating

Think Material

Vision and measurements in hand, you’ll want to think material.

If you were lucky enough to inherit your grandmother’s wrought iron chairs, you’ll know they’re beautiful and heirloom-durable.

This sturdy metal is great for pieces that stay put, but not the best to haul around.

Cast aluminum is rust proof, strong, and light enough to carry to the front yard.

If warm wood is your thing, teak is right up your alley. Teak is dense and weather resistant, and unlike other wooden furniture, can stay outside during harsher months.

Wicker and rattan are classic options, when treated with a resin finish. All of these base materials will cozy up with well made cushions.

Choose a UV coated, weather resistant fabric like Sunbrella, and make sure to select cushions with zippers that allow you to wash covers and air out pillows.

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Colorful Outdoor Furniture

Think Color

Last but not least, think color!

Outside spaces can be a great place for a fun palette, but consider your outdoor area that same way you regard a room in your house.

Aim for a thoughtful, considered palette. To form a cohesive look, choose coordinating colors that work well together.

An easy approach is to pair a dominant color with a neutral shade, and experiment with dark and light tones within those two color ranges.

Don’t want to purchase big pieces with every new color trend? Think of your furniture as an investment, and select classic colors that stand up to the test of time.

Blue and white is a tried and true color combination for any space. Celebrate your bright side with pillows and throws, which can be easily updated as trends change. 

These days, fantastic outdoor furniture abounds — designed to play well and look great.

With these considerations in hand, you are closer than ever to your ideal outdoor space. You have the vision, and here at Furniture of Dalton, we are here to help it become a reality. The outside is beckoning… follow its call!

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