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Rise and Shine: Warm Shades for your bedroom

Want to wake up on the sunny side?

Opt for a warm shade for your sleeping space. Warm tones are great options for north or east facing rooms, or for rooms where windows are few and far between. Warm colors catch and extend natural light, keeping bedrooms from feeling chilly. At the end of the day, bedrooms with warm tones are cozy, comforting, and cocoon-like. Switch on a lamp, and wrap up your day with a warm, even glow. Below, we’ll offer several shades to warm up your space.

Table Of Contents

  • Yellow

  • Orange

  • Red

  • Warm Gray

  • Warm White


Yellow Bedroom
Image credit: Brewster Home

Sunny shades don’t have to be super saturated to have an impact. Opt for soft, muted yellows for a cheerful, livable bedroom. Pale shades will open up a space and boost natural light. Mellow yellows heighten afternoon light, with a nod to Tuscan summers.

Shades to try: straw, primrose, butter, lemon, mustard, ocher

Pair with: rose, mint, lilac, moss, indigo, willow

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Orange Bedroom
Image credit: Adairs

Don’t think you could live with orange? Think again! You’ll be surprised at how versatile and livable this color can be. First, choose a muted orange that’s been toned down with a healthy dose of brown. Think warm, stuccoed walls or terracotta tiles- shades of orange are timeless fixtures in countless cultures. From classic to contemporary, desert shades are all the rage. Pair a warm, russet wall with a windowsill of cacti and succulents.

Shades to try:  russet, rust, cay, apricot, peach

Pair with: sage, sapphire, ivory, charcoal, navy

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Red Bedroom
Image credit: Alyssa Rosenheck

Use red to add a bolt of energy to your bedroom. Strong reds work best as an accent, used on trim, door jambs, or baseboards. Alternately, paint a single wall red as a focal point behind your headboard. Many artisanal rugs are dominated by red elements- pair these with white rooms and natural wood.

Shades to try: oxblood, crimson, cayenne, brick, paprika, pomegranate

Pair with: eggshell, ebony, cerulean, emerald

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Warm Gray Bedroom
Image credit: Country Living

Warm grey is the neutral of now, and serves as a chic version of taupe. Be on the lookout for ‘greige,’ a hybrid between gray and traditional beige shades. Warm gray tones are an easy way into a cozy bedroom- the shade goes with just about everything. Have a bedroom set and accessories that you already love? Freshen your walls with a warm gray for a bit of a boost.

Shades to try: dove, charcoal, slate, graphite, dusk, stone, steel

Pair with: blush, cream, carbon, teal, palladian blue

Want to keep it classic? You can’t go wrong with warm white.

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Warm White Bedroom
Image credit: Stek Magazine

Want to keep it classic? You can’t go wrong with warm white. White bedrooms feel open and airy, adding a calm, uncluttered ambience. Warm tones of white keep rooms cozy, while elegantly offsetting fine furniture and great art. Try an all white approach for an upscale feel- from weathered white furniture to plush white bedding, you’ll rest in resort-worthy style.

Shades to try: ivory, bone, buttermilk, alabaster, parchment

Pair with: smoke, cayenne, burgundy, teal, midnight

With these warm shades, your days will start bright and end right. Stretch out, curl up, and be ready to rise and shine!


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