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How to choose the perfect walk-in shower

No matter what you call them, whether it's open showers, showers without doors, or walk-in showers, they have several benefits.

Table Of Contents

  • The Benefits

  • They Come At A Price

  • Multiple Spray Heads

  • Wet Room Style

  • Half Wall Shower

  • Honeycomb Tile

  • Colorful Mosaics

  • No Doors Allowed

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The Benefits

The first benefit and many people's favorite benefits is that there is less to clean.

Shower glass is one of the most cleaning intensive features in a bathroom because they show any soap, scum or dirt right away.

Without a door, there's nothing to clean.

The most practical benefit is that they are great for people with accessibility issues because their designs allow for curbless entry without the need of stepping over a rim.

They also have a wide enough opening that most of them are even wheelchair friendly.

And for the interior design fanatics, they also come with a wide variety of design options.

You can opt with a wet-room style with your tub and toilet right in the shower area.

Or, you can go with an alcove style with three walls or a corridor-style with two walls facing each other and openings on both sides.

Some doorless showers don't have any walls at all.

And finally, open showers often serve as a great selling feature if you ever decide to put your house on the market.

Walk-in showers have been deemed luxury features and make prospective buyers light up.

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Walk In Shower

They Come At A Price

Because of all the added perks, walk-in showers tend to have more expensive design and construction costs.

Open showers will typically need to be customized for each bathroom and are usually complicated to build.

Curbless styles, in particular, need to be designed so that the water empties down the drain and not out into the bathroom.

This is work that should be left to the most skilled craftsmen because most, if not all, DIYers will not be able to handle the construction.

Repair and upkeep is also a little more involved with doorless showers compared to traditional styles.

Most open showers are built from ceramic tile instead of a prefabricated shower pan, and they'll need to be grouted and re-sealed every so often.

But, if you have your mind set on an open shower for your bathroom, you can definitely make it happen.

Below we will list several design options and inspiration that will allow you to turn your dream shower into a reality.

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Multiple Spray Heads

One advantage of not having a door on your shower is being able to shower from every angle.

Multiple shower heads and wall sprays will provide maximum cleanliness and relaxation.

Choose a classic marble tile to give your shower a timeless appeal.

And, glass walls on all but the exterior side will keep the shower bright.

Multiple spray head showers use a lot of water and come with complicated plumbing, so make sure your water heater and plumbing are able to handle the load before having your shower installed.

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Wet-Room Style

Combine your tub and shower areas with a wet-room style bathroom.

A great option for this type of bathroom is travertine to give it an old-world look.

Another tile option is porcelain, which is available in styles that will mimic marble, granite, travertine, and other natural stones.

And, porcelain is easier to care for, giving you the best of both worlds.

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Half-Wall Shower

When you aren't worried about privacy, and good light and an open airy design are what you're after, a half-wall walk-in shower is perfect for you.

Add classic marble and dark tile for a contemporary, minimalist style.

A single accent wall tiled in a dark color will help ground an overall white theme, which can become overwhelming without some contrast.

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Honeycomb Tile

Black doesn't always have to mean boring, especially when it's part o a honeycomb tile bathroom.

Design your shower with plenty of natural light, use a neutral color palette that can work for both men and women, and two modern square-shaped rain shower heads are the icing on the cake.

Use a center entry point and transparent glass walls on both sides to maximize the design impact of the graphic tiled wall.

And although it won't technically be a wet room, you can give it that appearance by extending the same tile flooring throughout the bathroom.

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Colorful Mosaics

Glass mosaic tile can bring color to any doorless shower.

Choose a countertop that can recall bits of color in the mosaic tile for an extra pop in your bathroom.

A partial glass wall is a great option that can expose the beauty of your tile job at all times.

Use a style known as pencil tiles that is a mosaic tile with long narrow pieces that are attached to a mesh backing.

You will usually install this style horizontally, but for a striking appearance, install it vertically, so the pieces run up and down.

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No Doors Allowed

No matter what design style you choose, a doorless shower is always a great choice.

It looks good, it's easier to clean, and if you ever decide to sell your house, it adds an extra "wow factor" that will increase the value of your home. 

Figure out your budget, get creative, and let the ideas above inspire you, and before you know it, you'll be turning the water on in the shower of your dreams.

To speak with the kitchen and bath expert about your shower design ideas, contact Aaron Kirby at Furniture of Dalton today. 

We can help you take the first steps in getting the bathroom shower of your dreams! 

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