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Summer Color: Fresh Shades for your dining room

As summer warms its way into our days, we want our living spaces to reflect the energy of the season.

The dining room, where we linger over meals of the season’s top offerings, is the perfect setting to introduce summer colors.

Check out the freshest shades for your dining space:

Table Of Contents

  • Inky Blue

  • Blush

  • Verdant Green

  • Sunny Yellow

  • Set To Dine

Inky Blue

Blue Dining Room
Dining Room by Bramble

Second only to millennial pink, midnight blue has been crowned an ‘it’ color of the year.

‘L’heure bleue’ is the enchanted hour when day slips into night. Calling to mind twilight summer skies and moonrise over a warm lake, inky blue is a summer shade for the ages.

A warmed up version of classic navy, this shade is here to stay, adding an elegant, timeless touch to any indoor space.

An all-time favorite, blue calms and clears the mind, providing a cool, refreshed dining room hue.

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Blush Dining Room
Image credit: InteriorJunkie

Call it millennial pink, scandi pink, or first blush - this hue is the christened color of today.

A warm, muted shade of pink, this color calls to mind Spanish courtyards and the walls of Marrakech.

With this livable shade, Millennials have reclaimed pink, celebrating life with a nurturing, happy hue.

Though this shade is wildly popular today, its celebrity spans generations, from parlors to poolsides, and stands as a classic, chic color of choice.

Pink is shown to uplift spirits and promote a sense of health and wellbeing.

Add a bit of blush and bring the summer sunrise to your table.

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Verdant Green

Green Dining Room
Upholstered Dining Chair by Moe's

While the outside world is an explosion of living green, now is time to bring this shade indoors.

Emerald green is a rich, vibrant version of the world’s most common natural color.

Green is said to symbolize balance and rebirth, and promote creative productivity.

This is a shade that will see you through the seasons, celebrating the peak of summer, and lending energy through the gray days of winter.

Bring deep green to the dining room, and set the stage for your own tropical paradise.

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Sunny Yellow

 Yellow Dining Room

What is more expressive of the dazzling days of summer than chipper, cheerful yellow?

This shade is super saturated, providing a powerful, pick-me-up pop to any space.

Yellow is considered the happiest color on the spectrum, and is said to promote optimistic outlooks. 

If your dining room or direction needs a bit of brightening, try this zesty shade for fresh energy.

While warm, bright days linger, bring these shades of summer inside.

Brighten your dining space and make your meals rich, warm, and memorable.

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